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Semiconductor, an emerging technology industry leading the transformation of the times, has made breakthroughs in AI technology, 5G communication, solar panels and telecommunications equipment, promoted the development of a number of new intelligent industries, and created a more convenient life mode for people.


Focusing on the fabrication of semiconductors, in addition to complex technologies and processes, electronic special gas or special gas is particularly important. Electronic special gas is used in almost every process of semiconductor manufacturing. It is an essential raw material and is called the blood of semiconductor. There are more than 100 types involved in the fabrication, including etching, doping, epitaxial deposition and cleaning. Because the purity and cleanliness of electronic special gas will directly affect the quality and qualification rate of final semiconductor products, the semiconductor industry has high requirements for electronic special gas.

As far as the semiconductor industry is concerned, even if the purity of gas production is guaranteed, if there is a mistake in the link from gas transportation to application, it is not conducive to semiconductor manufacturing. How can we ensure the cleanness of electronic gas?

This requires the help of semiconductor fluid components. Whether it is a valve for accurately controlling gas, a tube connector, or a tube fitting carrying electronic special gas, it should comply with relevant ASTM SEMI industry standards and have the following characteristics:

1.The purity of raw materials must be selected by ultra-high purity VIM VAR refined stainless steel to ensure high purity from the source;
2.The inner surface of the finished product shall be treated by electrochemical polishing, passivation and other processes to achieve ultra clean and improve the corrosion resistance of the product;
3.Some electronic gases are flammable and toxic, so they should also have excellent sealing, high temperature resistance and wear resistance.

With the support of high purity fluid elements in line with the above characteristics, the gas can avoid secondary pollution, create a safe working environment and contribute to the successful manufacture of various semiconductor devices.

Since 2017, Hikelok has participated in the international semiconductor exhibition with the theme of Semicon China for many consecutive years. It has rich product application experience in the semiconductor industry. The ultra-pure series exhibited excellent performance and is favored by customers.


Hikelok's high purity series products, from raw material selection, high standard process processing to dust-free assembly and packaging, meet the requirements of fluid components required by the semiconductor industry and semi industry standards. The types include high purity pressure reducing valve, high purity diaphragm valve, high purity bellows-sealed valve, integrated panel, high purity fittings and EP tube. There are many sizes and types, and can also be customized according to different installation requirements.

316L VAR and 316L VIM-VAR materials meeting SEMI F200305 requirements are provided for raw materials, with good appearance gloss, high strength and corrosion resistance. The furnace batch number of the material is engraved on the outer surface of each product to ensure the traceability of raw materials.

High-purity series has strict processing standards. After completion, the inner surface will be electrochemically polished. This process further improves the cleanliness and corrosion resistance of the product and reduces the potential pollution of the product to the gas during use.


It is a clean room with ISO level 4 cleaning standard. The products are cleaned by deionized water ultrasonic, washed away internal residues, dried with high purity gas, and then double-layer vacuum purification and sealed packaging to ensure that the products are delivered to you in the cleanest state.

Hikelok creates a clean, sealed and safe space for gas, so that electronic special gas can better serve the semiconductor industry. Do you want to know more about our high purity series? Next issue, see you.

Post time: Dec-24-2021