The type and application of filter

1. General requirements on filter type

The filter is a small equipment that can remove solid particles in the water. It can maintain the normal work of equipment. When fluid flows into filter with filter screen, the impurity will be blocked and clean liquid will flow out from the exit of filter. Filter cartridge could be disassembled when need clean and reassemble after cleaning.

 (1) Inlet and outlet diameter of filter

In general, the inlet and outlet diameter should not less than inlet and outlet diameter of mating bump, it should be same as the diameter of tube.

 (2) Nominal pressure type

Set pressure class of filter according to possible maximum pressure of filter tube.

 (3) Selection of mesh

The major consideration of mesh is about considering the diameter of impurities that need to block and confirm according to media of process.

(4) Material of filter

The material of filter should be same as the connected pipe material. Cast iron, carbon steel and stainless steel could be considered to be selected.

 (5) The calculation of resistance loss of filter

The pressure loss of filter is about 0.52 to 1.2 kpa of water use filter (calculated on the basis of nominal flow rate).



2. The application of filter

(1) The stainless steel is widely used in the pipeline of steam, air, water, oil and other media to protect pipeline systems of equipment, water bumps and valves from blocking and damaging of impurities of rust within the pipeline. The stainless steel filter has strong anti-pollution capacity. It’s featured by convenient discharge pollution, large flow area, small pressure loss, simple structure, small volume and light weight. All filter screen material is stainless steel.

(2) Y- type strainer

Y- type strainer is an important filtration device in pipeline system. Y- type strainer usually equips in the inlet port of pressure reducing regulators, positional water valves and other devices to eliminate impurities of media and ensure the normal operation of valves and equipment.

(3) Basket type filter

Basket type filter is a small device that can eliminate the small amount of solid impurities to ensure the normal work of compression machines, bumps and other devices and gauges. It can also improve the purity of products and purify air. Basket type filter is widely used in areas like oil, chemical, fiber, medicine, and food.

Post time: Jun-21-2021