Refinery & Chemical

Safety without leakage is our goal

With the development of the world economy and the continuous progress of industry, the demand for fuel resources such as oil is increasing all over the world, and the number of refineries and chemical plants is also expanding. Hikelok can help you with the particularity of fluids in these industries.

Whether you are engaged in fixed, floating, offshore or sub-sea production facilities, or downstream refining, including natural gas processing, transportation and pipeline and storage, and optimize the oil and gas business, Hikelok can ensure the most effective use of capital and resources to help you build a safe fluid environment.


Perfect service system

Hikelok not only supplies high-quality products in the whole industry, but also has a professional and thoughtful service team to provide a complete set of solutions required by different fluid systems. No matter where you encounter difficulties and problems, you can always consult us. Professionalism and timeliness are the characteristics of our service, which will give you more powerful protection. Everything is based on your safety and interests. While ensuring the normal operation of the system, it optimizes the allocation for you and realizes the rational utilization of resources.

Product recommendation for refinery  and chemical industry

In order to ensure the safe operation of corrosive, volatile and dangerous fluids in the system, safety and leakage prevention is the top priority of the oil refining and chemical industry. Hikelok has more than 10 years of supply experience in this industry. We have always advocated the idea of manufacturing high-quality products that reassure customers, just to bring you safe production components, help your enterprise build a safe production system, and reduce unnecessary losses.


Our twin ferrule tube fittings size is from 1/16 in. to 2 in., and the material is from 316 S.S. to alloy. It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and stable connection, and can play a stable role even under extreme working conditions.


All of our conventional practical valves are included here.They have the functions of accurately controlling flow and regulating pressure.They are safe, reliable and have long service life, which makes them popular.

Flexible Hoses

Our metal hoses are available in different inner tube materials,end connections and hose lengths.They are characterized by strong tensile flexibility,high corrosion resistance, and stable sealing form.


Whether it is a pressure reducing regulator or a back pressure regulator, this series of products can let you master the pressure of the system, conduct real-time monitoring, and achieve accurate control.


A perfect fluid system cannot be built without stainless steel seamless tubing. We conduct electrochemical polishing on the internal surface of the tubing to reduce the fluid resistance in the tubing and ensure the cleanliness at the same time.


Measuring Device

The pressure gauge, flowmeter and other measuring equipment we supply you can make you clearly observe the fluid readings in various areas of the system, and can give the most comprehensive protection to the system.

Sampling Systems

We provide two forms of sampling systems, online sampling and closed sampling, to help you conduct sampling and analysis conveniently and quickly, and greatly reduce the error rate in the sampling process.

Tools and Accessories

There are tube benders, tube cutters,tube deburring tools for handling tubing, gap inspection gauges and preswaging tools required for tube fitting installation, as well as necessary sealing accessories for pipe fitting installation.