Solar Energy & Smiconductor

Renewable energy leads scientific and technological progress

Solar energy is a kind of renewable energy, which creates a new life mode for human beings and is beneficial to environmental protection. Modern solar thermal energy technology is to gather sunlight and use its energy to generate hot water, steam and electricity. To generate these energies, photovoltaic panel modules are an indispensable part of solar devices. Photovoltaic modules are almost all composed of solid photovoltaic cells made of semiconductor materials, so in the semiconductor industry, the quality and output of chips are very important issues. Hikelok has rich application experience in the solar energy and semiconductor industries. It can provide high purity products and customized components, help customers build safe and perfect production and auxiliary systems, improve the efficiency of solar devices, and help improve the quality and output of chips in the semiconductor industry.


Perfect service system

Hikelok not only supplies high-quality products in the whole industry, but also has a professional and thoughtful service team to provide a complete set of solutions required by different fluid systems. No matter where you encounter difficulties and problems, you can always consult us. Professionalism and timeliness are the characteristics of our service, which will give you more powerful protection. Everything is based on your safety and interests. While ensuring the normal operation of the system, it optimizes the allocation for you and realizes the rational utilization of resources.

Product recommendation for solar and semiconductor industry

Our products meet the requirements of SEMI industry standards from the selection of raw materials to the production of processing technology. The recommended ultrahigh-purity valves, integrated panels, fittings and pipeline products can provide stable performance, ensure the cleanliness of the flow pattern, achieve non differential conversion, and ensure reliable sealing to prevent leakage.

Ultrahigh-Purity Products

Hikelok applies the SEMI standard to every link in the production and manufacturing of ultra high-purity products. Miniature butt-weld fittings, ultrahigh-purity valves and ultrahigh-purity integrated systems are all committed to building a clean working environment for you.

Flexible Hoses

Our metal hoses are available in different inner tube materials,end connections and hose lengths.They are characterized by strong tensile flexibility,high corrosion resistance, and stable sealing form.

Ultrahigh-Purity Pressure Reducing Regulator

The ultra pure precision flow pattern design can create an ultra clean environment for the gas in the semiconductor industry, and bring security to the system while controlling the overall pressure of the system.

Tools and Accessories

There are tube benders, tube cutters,tube deburring tools for handling tubing, gap inspection gauges and preswaging tools required for tube fitting installation, as well as necessary sealing accessories for pipe fitting installation.


The stainless steel seamless tubing provided by us has a smooth outer surface, a clean inner surface, a smooth connection, and a strong pressure bearing force after the electrochemical polishing process, which can ensure that the seal does not leak.