Petroleum & Petrochemical

Committed to the development of energy exploration

We are currently world leaders in valve manufacture for Chemical and Petrochemical industry. Hikelok can help you succeed. From offering a wide variety of process instrumentation components that meet or surpass industry standards to design support from experienced engineers,  Hikelok tube fittings, valves, and tubing are used extensively on standard instrument hook ups including:level measurement pressure measurement temperature measurement flow measurement utility gas calibration, switching and conditioning system grab sample station.


Perfect service system

Hikelok not only supplies high-quality products in the whole industry, but also has a professional and thoughtful service team to provide a complete set of solutions required by different fluid systems. No matter where you encounter difficulties and problems, you can always consult us. Professionalism and timeliness are the characteristics of our service, which will give you more powerful protection. Everything is based on your safety and interests. While ensuring the normal operation of the system, it optimizes the allocation for you and realizes the rational utilization of resources.

Product recommendation of petroleum and petrochemical industry

From deep-sea drilling equipment to offshore platform construction, to land pipeline construction, we fully understand the performance requirements of products in the petroleum and petrochemical industry. Whether in material selection, product processing or experimental testing, our various links have strict implementation standards and manufacturing procedures to ensure that the final products are fully applicable to the petroleum and petrochemical industry.


Our twin ferrule tube fittings size is from 1/16 in. to 2 in., and the material is from 316 S.S. to alloy. It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and stable connection, and can play a stable role even under extreme working conditions.



All of our conventional practical valves are included here.They have the functions of accurately controlling flow and regulating pressure.They are safe, reliable and have long service life, which makes them popular.


Flexible Hoses

Our metal hoses are available in different inner tube materials,end connections and hose lengths.They are characterized by strong tensile flexibility,high corrosion resistance, and stable sealing form.


Ultra-High Pressure

There are deep-sea valve series and medium high-pressure fittings series that can resist the high pressure on the sea floor, which can give the system safe control and connection on the sea floor.