Thermal Power & Nuclear Power

The power industry needs our diversified products

From fossil fuel power generation to nuclear power plants, Hikelok can provide a variety of process instrument components to help you successfully build a safe and efficient operation system, whether it is the steam water system, power generation system or control system of thermal power plants, the construction of nuclear islands, conventional islands and their supporting facilities of nuclear power plants.

Whether you are commodity driven or have special fluid control requirements, Hikelok has a professional team with rich application experience in the power industry, which can help you build new or improve the existing system design.


How to choose valve products in power industry

The valves provided by Hikelok are used in thermal power plants and nuclear power plants in a large number of instruments and control equipment, and are indispensable components of various operating systems of the power station. The correct selection of power station valves can achieve twice the result with half the effort. Therefore, we should consider the following aspects when selecting:

◆  The structure, interface size, pressure and temperature, design, manufacturing and experimental testing, etc. all need to meet the design specifications and standards of the power industry.

◆  The working pressure shall meet the requirements of various pressure levels of the power station.

◆  The product shall have excellent sealing, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, scratch resistance and long service life.

Power industry product recommendation

The safe and leak free connection established by our products in the system can, on the one hand, cope with high-intensity vibration or high-temperature extreme working conditions; on the other hand, even if the fluid is corrosive or toxic, it can play the role of fastening and sealing against leakage, which can avoid more polluting substances from the power station from being discharged into the atmosphere and save production costs for the factory. All kinds of fluid components, complete sets of instrument equipment and customized products provided by us have the magic weapon to cope with different tests of the power station. They can provide the most stable assistance and protection to the system.


All of our conventional practical valves are included here.They have the functions of accurately controlling flow and regulating pressure.They are safe, reliable and have long service life, which makes them popular.


Our twin ferrule tube fittings size is from 1/16 in. to 2 in., and the material is from 316 S.S. to alloy. It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and stable connection, and can play a stable role even under extreme working conditions.


Whether it is a pressure reducing regulator or a back pressure regulator, this series of products can let you master the pressure of the system, conduct real-time monitoring, and achieve accurate control.

Flexible Hoses

Our metal hoses are available in different inner tube materials,end connections and hose lengths.They are characterized by strong tensile flexibility,high corrosion resistance, and stable sealing form.

Quick Connects

Our quick connector, as its name implies, is capable of fast connection in the system, which can meet the instantaneous disconnection of the system under different working conditions, prevent fluid leakage, and provide comprehensive protection to the system.

Tools and accessories

There are tube benders, tube cutters,tube deburring tools for handling tubing, gap inspection gauges and preswaging tools required for tube fitting installation, as well as necessary sealing accessories for pipe fitting installation.

Measuring device

The pressure gauge, flowmeter and other measuring equipment we supply you can make you clearly observe the fluid readings in various areas of the system, and can give the most comprehensive protection to the system.