Research and Development

Research And Development

Hikelok professional R & D team provides customers with a full range of products from process system to instrument system. Each variety of products contains multiple series, which can meet the needs of different industries. Hikelok products cover from ultra-high pressure 1000000psi to vacuum, from space field to deep sea, from traditional energy to new energy, from conventional industry to ultra-high purity semiconductor applications. Senior application experience provides a variety of transition connection interfaces from process system to instrument system and a wide range of connection forms meet the requirements of instrument interfaces all over the world. A wide range of product lines can meet different integration requirements. Hikelok has suitable products to choose from, whether it is the requirements of space, harsh working conditions, variable connection modes, and unique installation requirements.

With the development of society, personalized needs become more and more prominent. Hikelok’s strong R & D team provides customized needs for customers. At the same time, we actively participate in the R & D of new industries, new processes and new equipment, and contribute to the overall solution of fluid.