Digital Factory


In order to serve customers faster and better, Hikelok is committed to the construction of digital factory. Equipped with CRM software, the international division provides a complete set of service for customers. Intelligent customer relationship management software helps us systematically serve every customer and create exclusive product library for customers. The cross department cooperation has opened up the one-stop operation between the business and the factory, thus improving the efficiency and further shortening the delivery time. 

ERP software is the nerve center of the whole factory, which comprehensively manages the order, supply chain, production, inventory, finance, etc. ERP helps us realize the flexible production organization and the quick control of all links from order to delivery.

MES manufacturing execution system realizes the timely monitoring production plan management, production process control, process management, equipment management, workshop inventory management, project   bulletin board management, etc., and realizes the online tracking of products, so as to make flexible production and customized service more efficient.

QSM quality management information system monitors the quality of incoming inspection, manufacturing process inspection, finished product inspection, delivery inspection and other processes. It carries out online warning based on quality monitoring rules, and supports quality improvement process tracking management. Through QMS, we can trace the whole process from raw materials to products.