NEFTEGAZ Exhibition

On April 16th, 2018, we attend the exhibition of NEFTEGAZ. Our Russian agent is responsible for the customer reception.
Due to the technical support of our company, the agent has the deep conversation with many customers about the product feature and performance. After the exhibitions, the agent received many PO from these customers.
I In order to let the agent grow up quickly, our company has made a lot of efforts, whether it is economic or technical support. With years of efforts, our Russian agents are dealing with more and more business, and the sales volume is also growing. Our brand is more and more popular in Russian market.
Our company has been pursuing a win-win cooperation of mutual benefit. Whether it's agents or customers, we hope to help them solve the real problems, so as to let the end customers benefit. We will not focus on the current orders, but look forward to the future, hoping to create more value for the society and other enterprises.


Post time: Mar-31-2021