Hikelok Helps Beijing Winter Olympic Games

The Winter Olympic Games will be held in Beijing in 2022. In order to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the events, there are strict standards for the construction of venues and infrastructure.


As the centralized gas storage project of Beijing Winter Olympic Games - gathering and injection station in shuang 6 gas storage, the DBB2 series large-bore bolted double block and bleed valves designed and produced by Hikelok R & D team with high standards and high requirements participated in an important part.


DBB2 series: Large-bore Bolted Double Block and Bleed Valves


The DBB2 series large-bore bolted double block and bleed valves adopt three-piece valve body and uses a single compact component to provide a smooth transition between the production process and the instrument system, and can realize two functions of double shut-off and discharge.


Compared with the traditional system, this system has fewer leakage points, small size, light weight, safety and reliability. It can be used as the preferred scheme of multi valve system and greatly shorten the installation time.


The DBB2 series large-bore bolted double block and bleed valves can match a variety of flange installation specifications and pressure grades. The pressure and temperature ratings depend on flange termination, and the size and rated pressure comply with ASME B16.5. The stem is internally assembled to prevent rush out, and the movable load valve seat can keep the system sealed when the pressure and temperature change. 

About us

Hikelok has been committed to the design and manufacture of instrument tube and valve parts. The products are widely used in the fields of electric power, petroleum and petrochemical, military and aerospace, semiconductor and complete equipment. Adhere to the development concept of lean manufacturing and continuous improvement.

Hikelok focuses on providing safe and reliable products.  Through continuous innovation and reform, Hikelok supply quality will be higher and higher.

I wish the Beijing Winter Olympic Games a complete success! Chinese athletes make another success!


Post time: Nov-18-2021