100CV-Ultra High Pressure Check Vlaves

IntroductionHikelok Ultra High Pressure Check Valves prevent reverse flow where leak-tight shut-off is not mandatory.When differential drops below cracking pressure, valve closes. With all-metal components, valve can be used up to 600°F (315°C). All 100 series valves and fittings are supplied complete with appropriate gland and tubing collar.
FeaturesUltra High Pressure - Pressures to 100,000 psi (6896 bar)Ball and poppet assure positive, in-line seating without “chatter”Poppet is designed essentially for axial flow with minimum pressure dropCracking Pressure: 20 psi (1.38 bar) +/- 30% No optional cracking pressures available
AdvantagesTemperature Range: With All-Metal components, valve cabe used to 600°F (315°C). Minimum standard operating temperature is 0°F (-18°C)Installation: Vertical or Horizontal as required. Flow Direction arrow on valve body
More OptionsOptional special materials