Needle Valves

Hikelok has a wide range of products, including instrument valves and fittings, ultra-high pressure products, ultra-high purity products, process valves, vacuum products, sampling system, pre-installation system, pressurization unit and tool accessories.
Hikelok instrument needle valves series cover NV1, NV2, NV3, NV4, NV5, NV6, NV7, NV8 and CNV. The working pressure is from 3,000 psig (206 bar) to 10,000psig (689 bar).

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Hikelok 8 series needle valves can precisely control the flow and can be easily open and closed with various stems, flow patterns, materials, and end connections.

The NV1 series needle valves have one-piece forged body.

The NV2 series needle valves have one-piece heavy wall forged body and safety back seating needle in fully open position. Max working pressure is 10000 psig( 689 bar)

The NV3 series needle valves have union-bonnet construction for safety.

The NV4 series needle valves have live-loaded packing system, and its packing nut enable external adjustments.

The NV5 series needle valves have compact size design.

The NV6 series needle valves have toggle type handle, which can be open and closed quickly. It has soft-seat shutoff, and its o-ring stem seal needs no adjustment.

The NV7 series needle valves have non-rotating stem design. Its handle prevents contaminants from entering functional parts, and its replaceable stem tip facilitates maintenance.

The NV8 series needle valves have bar stock valve body. Its non-rotating lower stem facilitates sealing.

Hikelok is one of the leading professional manufacturers of instrument valves and fittings in China. Strict material selection and testing, high standard processing technology, smooth production process control and professional production and inspection personnel escort the products, creating hundreds of high-quality valves and fittings. It is the best choice for your one-stop purchase, saving time and energy.

 After years of efforts, Hikelok has become a supplier of well-known customers such as Sinopec, PetroChina, CNOOC, SSGC, Siemens, ABB, Emerson, TYCO, Honeywell, Gazprom, Rosneft and General Electric. Hikelok has won unanimous praise from customers due to professional management, mature technology and sincere service.

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