2M- 2-Valve Manifolds-Instrumentation Manifolds

IntroductionHikelok 2M-* manifolds are designed for static pressure and liquid level applications.Its function is to connect or cut off the pressure transmitter . It is generally used in field control instruments to provide multi-channel for instruments, reduce installation work and improve system reliability
Featuresworking pressures: Stainless steel up to 6000 psig (413 bar) Alloy C-276 up to 6000 psig (413 bar) Alloy 400 up to 5000 psig (345 bar)Working temperatures: PTFE packing from -65℉ to 450℉ (-54℃ to 232℃) Graphite packing from -65℉ to 1200℉ (-54℃ to 649℃)Orifice: 0.157 in. (4.0 mm), CV: 0.35Assembled directly to in-line pressure transmittersBlock-and-bleed and 2-valve configurationsMale or female threaded NPT process connection
AdvantagesOne-piece construction provides strength.Compact assembly design reduces size and weightEasy to install and maintainDifferent packing and material are availableStandard unit throughout manifold rangeOperating threads outside washout area.Externally adjustable gland.Low operating torque.Safety back seated spindle prevents stem blowout and provides secondary back up stem seal.All valves 100% factory tested.
More OptionsOptional packing: PTFE,GRAPHITEOptional Structure and flow channel formOptional material: 316 stainless steel,Alloy 400,Alloy C-276