BV7-Trunnion Ball Valves

IntroductionHikelok BV7 series trunnion ball valves have been well accepted and widely used in a variety of industries for many years.Hikelok BV7 series trunnion ball valves are designed to be used in a fully open or fully closed position
FeaturesMaximum working pressure up to 6000 psig (413 bar) Working temperature from -65℉to 450℉(-54℃ to 232℃ ) 2-way and 3-way pattern Spring-loaded seats reduce seat wear from pressure surges Field repairable with seal kits Trunnion-style ball and low operating torque Bottom-loaded stem prevents stem blowout Panel mountable 316 stainless steel, brass and alloy body material Variety of end connections Color coded handles
AdvantagesCompact, maximum-flow design Low operating torque Heavy-duty handle indicates flow direction Bottom-loaded stem prevents stem blowout,enhances system safety Spring-loaded seats provide leak-tight integrity in both low- and high-pressure systems,contribute to low operating torque,reduce seat wear from pressure surges Trunnion-style ball prevents ball blowout,contributes to low operating torque 100% factory tested
More OptionsOptional 2 way,3 way Optional Lever, oval, extended oval and locking handles