Liquefied Gas Sampling

IntroductionHikelok liquefied gas sampling will be distributed after strict and repeatable testing to ensure the safety the products.Hikelok liquefied gas sampling is 316 stainless steel material with 500 ml cylinder. It has manual operation, NPS 1/2 flange connection and ball valve vent branch. Hikelok liquefied gas sampling has wide range of wheathering pressure from 0 to 1450 psig (0 to 100 bar) .
FeaturesSampling directly from process or systemPressure range from 0 to 1450 psig (0 to 100 bar)Closed samplingRepresentative sampleSample circulationEquipped with pressure relief system, safe for samplingLinkage ball valve design, easy operation
AdvantagesLockable handleMounting plateProtective enclosureVent outlet carbon absorptionMounting bracketDiverse connection types and sizesVarious materials
More OptionsOptional sampling cylinder samples recovery system