Tube Fittings-Positionable Male Elbow

IntroductionHikelok tube fittings are available in a variety of materials, including optimized 316 stainless steel chemistry with elevated nickel, chromium, and other elements for superior corrosionresistance in a variety of applications, including chemical processing, sour gas and subsea systems. Hikelok continues to improve the performance and reliability of the tube fitting for use in thousands of diverse applications—including research, alternative fuels, analytical and process instrumentation, oil and gas, power,petrochemical, and semiconductor industries.
FeaturesTwin ferrule fittings provide metal-to-metal seal connections, non-elastomeric seals for leak-free connectionsHikelok twin ferrule fittings are designed to have a maximum allowable working pressure that is higher than that of any tubingIndustry standard design for all instrumentation grade tubingStainless steel tube harderness: the hardness of the tube shall be not greater than 85 HRBAvailable in sizes from 1/16 to 2in and 2 mm to 50 mmHikelok fittings materials include 316 stainless steel, steel, brass, aluminum, nickel-copper, Hastelloy C, 6Mo, Incoloy 625 and 825Hikelok special treated back ferrule is to provide secureSilver coated threads to reduce gallingLeak-proof joints capable of satisfying high pressure vacuum and vibration applications
AdvantagesHydraulic proof pressure test (1.5 times the maximum permissible working pressure): no leakageDismantling and reassembly test (dismantle 10 times): no leakageMinimum hydrostatic pressure test (4 times the maximum permissible ambient pressure rating): no leakageVacuum test (1 x 10-4 mbar or greater): the leak rate less than 1 x 10-8Proven design, manufacturing excellence, and superior raw materials combine to ensure that every Hikelok fitting meets our customers’ highest expectationsHikelok tube fittings deliver a leak-tight, gas-tight seal in an easy-to-install, disassemble, and reassemble form
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