PST1-Preswaging Tools



IntroductionHikelok preswaging tools will be distributed after strict and repeatable testing to ensure user's safe and provide high-effeciency user experience. Hikelok gaugeable preswage tool is distinguished from the standard tool by the addition of a colored band located between the wrench pad and the Hikelok tube fitting end. Hikelok preswaging tools are used for tube fitting installation in close quarters.The gaugeable feature allows the installer to quickly measure the gap between the nut and the fitting body with a standard Hikelok gap gauge during initial installation.
FeaturesAvailable sizes from 1/16 to 1in. and 3mm to 25mmPreswages ferrules onto the tubeEnbles the installer to work in a more open, safe areaMakes it possible to complete the installation by following retightening instructions for Hikelok tube fittings
AdvantagesEconomic choicesConvenient to useDifferent kinds of sizes available