Proportional Relief Valves

Hikelok has a wide range of products, including instrument valves and fittings, ultra-high pressure products, ultra-high purity products, process valves, vacuum products, sampling system, pre-installation system, pressurization unit and tool accessories.

Hikelok instrument proportional relief valves series cover RV1, RV2, RV3, RV4. The setting pressure is from 5 psig (0.34 bar) to 6,000psig (413bar).

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Hikelok is one of the leading professional manufacturers of instrumentation valves and fittings in China. Hikelok provides a full range of instrumentation valves and fittings containing hundreds types with mature technology for clients. Compared with most suppliers of instrumentation valves and fittings, Hikelok is your best choice for one-stop purchase, saving time and effort.

Hikelok management is in strict accordance with the requirements of the ISO systems which obtains ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 international system certificates. Hikelok adopts intelligent production and management to serve clients better and faster. To reduce the probability of human error, improve efficiency, and shorten delivery time, CRM, ERP, MES, and QSM are applied to every process of production and management.

Hikelok’s technology reach the international leading level, which get over fifty patents in invention and utility models in and out of China and also the certificate of Chinese high-tech enterprise. Hikelok obtains the certificates of ABS, PED, EAC, ISO 15500, and ASTM F1387 through a variety of rigorous tests to provide clients with products in line with international standards.

Hikelok products are well-known and have a good reputation at home and abroad. After years of efforts, has become a supplier to COOEC, Sinopec, SSGC, Gazprom, Rosneft, GE, SGS, Intertek and other well-known customers. The professional management, mature technology and sincere service help us win high praise from our customers.

The professional designs of Hikelok proportional relief valves ensure the accuracy of the opening pressure and tight sealing effect.

1. The RV1 series proportional relief valves have a wide range of regulating pressure and the maximum working pressure is 6000 psi (413 bar). The high accuracy of opening pressure is ±5% set value. Resealing accuracy is up to 91% (the ratio of resealing pressure to opening pressure) which is affected little by backpressure.

2. The RV2 and RV4 series of proportional relief valves are the best choice for clients with high requirements of sealing, which are very sensitive to pressure and can be opened under a super lower pressure with a rapid and tight sealing.

3. The maximum working pressure of RV3 series safety valve can reach 1500psi, with rapid opening and resealing action and good sealing effect.

Hikelok ensures the quality from the source in strict material selection and testing based on ASTM and ASME standards.

The factory inspection of raw material includes spectroscopic chemical analysis, hardness measurement, mechanical performance test, and can also carry out the metallographic structure testing of raw material, intergranular corrosion test and low temperature impact test.

To ensure the pressure performance of the proportional relief valve shell, customize the work blank according to the material, adopt nondestructive testing such as ultrasonic and penetration to make sure the quality, and select famous brand rubber sealing ring as the element.

The basis of high-quality products and on-time delivery depends on the high-standard processing technology and fluent production process control.

The technology department coordinates with the production department to make overall arrangements of the production procedure and process. Due to the crucial role of parts, a higher standard will be executed to ensure product consistency and stability.

Hikelok provides stable quality products to clients with precision manufacture, standardized production and strict quality controls. Professional production personnel and inspectors escort for high-quality products.

Hikelok adopts CNC machines to ensure the precision of the products. The first inspection uses quadratic elements and thread gauge to detect thread size, concentricity and other parameters, and sealing by the stereoscope. From the first inspection, then routine inspection, and finally do the finished products tests. In the whole production and processing process, inspectors conduct the quality control. In addition, the application of advanced production equipment and testing equipment strictly controls the defective rate, so that the production quality is far higher than peers.

High required pre-delivery testing includes pressure test and helium mass spectrometer testing etc. for the last check for client. For safe delivery to every client, different packaging methods and materials are adopted for different products and freight methods.

All staff in Hikelok is committed to serving every client well and assisting to solve every issue with professional technical knowledge. Welcome inquiry!  Hikelok offers a 24-hour online service.

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