SNV-Subsea Needle Valves

IntroductionHikelok subsea needle valves meet performance, safety and reliability expectations in the deepest water and harshest environments in the offshore oil and gas industry. As wells have become deeper, Hikelok has been a leader at developing new and innovative ways to control the increasing temperature and pressure requirements at these greater depths.
FeaturesMaximum working pressure: 20,000 psig (1,379 bar) Working temperature: 0°F to 250°F (-18°C to 121°C)) Maximum water depth: 13,800 ft (4,200 meters) Orifice: 0.203" Rated CV: 0.75 Standard stem seal material: Glass filled PTFE Packing is under the threads of valve stem 316 cold-worked stainless steel constructione NACE MR0175 compliant Wide selection of tube and pipe end fittings available
AdvantagesNon-rotating, non-rising stem to ensure positive non-galling operation when shut-off Metal-to-metal seating to ensure ideal shut-off, longer stem/seat service lifetime for abrasive flow, excellent corrosion resistance and greater durability for repeated on/off cycles Reliable locking device of packing gland Stem packing below threads prevents thread galling and fouling Bracket or panel mounting Externally sealed design for depths to 14,000'(4200 meters)
More OptionsOptional 2-way straight and 2-way angle for flow pattern Optional special alloys for extreme service Optional high temperature stem packing