IntroductionHikelok will distributed the gas sampling system after strict and repeatable testing to ensure the safety and high-effeciency of the produts and offer sufficient user experience. Hikelok provides different kinds of specifications of gas sampling system with 316 stainless steel material,brass and other customized materials. Hikelok's gas sampling is maunual operation with 500ml cylinder and NPS 1/2 connectionl. It is easy to install with only 5 steps and easy to use and maintenance. It provides a highly efficient solution for gas sampling.
FeaturesSampling directly from process or systemPressure range from 0 to 1450 psig (0 to 100 bar)Closed samplingSample circulationRepresentative sampleLinkage ball valve design, easy operation
AdvantagesLockable handleMounting plateProtective enclosureVent outlet carbon absorptionMounting bracketDiverse connection types and sizesVarious materials
More OptionsOptional bypass and system purge configurationOptional outlet to flare configuration