MSC-Miniature Sample Cylinders

IntroductionHikelok SampleMiniature Sample Cylinders internal volume include 10,25,and 50 cm3.There are single-ended and double-ended for choose.Working pressure up to 1000 psig (68.9 bar).We provide 304,316stainless steel corrosion-resistant construction.The seamless tubing body provides consistent wall thickness,size and capacity.
FeaturesWorking pressure up to 1000 psig (68.9 bar) lnternal volume 10,25,and 50 cm3 Seamless tubing body provides consistent wall thickness, size and capacity Full-penetration butt weld construction 316L and 304L stainless steel materials available Smooth internal neck transition allows easy cleaning and eliminates trapped fluids Cold-formed female NPT threads provide greater strength Full-penetration butt weld construction
AdvantagesVolume is closely controlled High-quality appearance Corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction Accept customized service It is marked with manufacturer's name for easy source tracing Proven design, manufacturing excellence, and superior raw materials combine to ensure that every the product meets our customers'highest expectations 100% factory tested
More Options Optional Single-ended and double-ended Optional lnternal volume include 10,25,and 50 cm3 Optional 316 S.S.,316L S.S.,304 S.S,304L S.S.