VAMF2-Variable Area Flowmeters

IntroductionHikelok Variable Area Flowmetersand-VAMF2 series, this series of glass rotor flowmeter is widely used in chemical industry, petroleum, light industry, medicine, environmental protection, food, measurement and testing, scientific research and other departments. Measure the flow rate of a single-phase, non-pulsating fluid (liquid or gas).It has strong corrosion resistance, can detect acid < except hydrofluoric acid), alkali, oxidant and other corrosive gas or liquid flow, suitable for chemical, pharmaceutical, paper making, sewage treatment and other industries.The flowmeter mainly consists of a tapered glass tube that expands from bottom to top and a float that moves up and down with the flow rate of the fluid. Fluid flows from the bottom up through the cone. The lift generated by the kinetic energy of the fluid on the float and the buoyancy of the fluid cause the float to rise. When the sum of lift and buoyancy is equal to the gravity of the float itself, the float is in balance, stable at a certain height, and the scale on the cone tube indicates the value of the flow rate of the fluid.
FeaturesRugged, stable, wide range of applicationsMaximum pressure : 1.0 MPa(can be increased according to need)Available with a variety of end connectionsIndicator housing: glass and stainless steelConical float: stainless steelConnection size 1/2'' to 2 inchesManufactured in accordance with industry standards
AdvantagesAll products have a high-quality appearanceEvery product is marked with manufacturer's name for easy source tracingProven design, manufacturing excellence, and superior raw materials combine to ensure that our product meets our customers'highest expectationsEvery Hikelok Variable Area Flowmetersand is factory calibrated and pressure tested
More OptionsOptional All stainless steel typeOptional Add ruler plate