5M-501R-5-Valve Manifolds-Instrumentation Manifolds

IntroductionHikelok 5 valve manifolds are designed for differential pressure applications. 5-valve manifolds consists of high pressure valve, low pressure valve, balance valve and two check (blowdown) valves. 5-valve manifolds is used for all kinds of imported instruments, and it is installed with all kinds of differential pressure, flow, liquid level and other transmissions. When working, close the two groups of checking valves and balance valves. If inspection is needed, just cut off the high pressure and low pressure valves, open the balance valve and two check valves, and then close the balance valve to calibrate and balance the transmitter.
Featuresworking pressures: Stainless steel up to 6000 psig (413 bar) Alloy C-276 up to 6000 psig (413 bar) Alloy 400 up to 5000 psig (345 bar)Working temperatures: PTFE packing from -65℉ to 450℉ (-54℃ to 232℃) Graphite packing from -65℉ to 1200℉ (-54℃ to 649℃)Orifice: 0.157 in. (4.0 mm), CV: 0.35Upper stem and lower stem design, Stem threads above packing protected from system mediaSafety back seating seals in fully open positionTesting for every valve with nitrogen at the maximum working pressure
AdvantagesOne-piece construction provides strength.Compact assembly design reduces size and weightEasy to install and maintainDifferent packing and material are availableCenter distance of pressure transmitter is 54mm
More OptionsOptional packing PTFE,GRAPHITEOptional Structure and flow channel formOptional material 316 stainless steel,Alloy 400,Alloy C-276