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Stainless Steel MV1 Series Metering Valve,1/4 in. Hikelok Tube Fitting

Part #: MV1-F4-316

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Attribute Metering Valves
Body Material 316 Stainless Steel
Connection 1 Size 1/4 in.
Connection 1 Type Hikelok® Tube Fitting
Connection 2 Size 1/4 in.
Connection 2 Type Hikelok® Tube Fitting
O-Ring Material Fluorocarbon FKM
Orifice 0.032 in. /0.81 mm
Handle Color Black
Handle Type Knurled, Round
Flow Pattern 2-Way, Straight
Temperature Rating -10℉ to 400(-23℃ to 204℃)
Working Pressure Rating Max 2000 PSIG (137 bar)
Testing Gas Pressure Test
Cleaning Process Standard Cleaning and Packaging (CP-01)

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